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Aftab has done it again – he has successfully helped me complete and pass my G license. My driving journey with Aftab commenced before the pandemic, and due to his exceptional prowess, he was able to help me succeed my G2 license in an inordinately short period of time. Despite the pause the pandemic had caused, he has never stopped keeping in touch, providing me insightful encouragement and reminders in regards to driving. As soon as the restrictions had lifted, he immediately reached out to plan and prepare the continuation of our lessons with the goal that I obtain my G license as quickly as possible. He is highly meticulous, organized and efficient, extremely accommodating to your schedule, and possesses a sincere desire to learn more about you in order to find your strengths. Aftab goes above and beyond being a driving instructor – the level of guidance and support he provides is incredibly paramount and his tutelage is unparalleled. Aftab is extraordinarily knowledgeable, teaches good techniques and transfers helpful tips to help you succeed, while simultaneously and genuinely investing interest in your personal welfare to help improve your state of mind, so that you’re equipped with the all the best skills stepping into your driving test. Aftab is comprehensive in all regards of being a driving instructor – despite my exorbitant level of anxiety that I was experiencing on the day of my G test, he had the wisdom and patience to incorporate relaxation techniques for me – continuously showing me his extensive photography of nature and landscapes that he had beautifully captured in order to help alleviate my mood, and improve my mental and emotional state of mind. Aftab is able to evidently and effortlessly intertwine driving lessons and life lessons together for his students, to help them reach their achievement and full potential. I’m unable to describe the complete elation that I am feeling, because I am beyond words what Aftab has helped me through, as this very difficult obstacle has been weighing on my mind. I still feel astonished that I had the good fortune of finding his company and being personally instructed by him, as I have never had a driving instructor like him before. Without Aftab, I would not have been able to obtain my G license. I mean every word, and I can’t express my gratitude enough. I am forever grateful to Aftab, as he helps you gain more than just a driver’s license – Aftab helps you achieve the gift of freedom and independence.