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Aftab is a driving instructor extraordinaire with a heart of gold. He is a teacher and a friend who will give you faith and confidence in your driving skills. 
 I’ve had numerous driving instructors in the past who have been impatient and discouraging, to the point where their lack of professionalism and abhorrent teaching methods had deterred me from driving on the road again for the next years. All of the negative prior driving lessons I experienced had made me lose faith in my driving ability and I was certain at this point that I wouldn’t be able to progress and pass my G2.  
 After an exhaustive search of a myriad of online reviews of driving schools and instructors, I finally had the good fortune of coming across Good Friends Driving Institute. I read through the countless positive and honest reviews that praised Aftab, and can strongly confirm of: his mastery in teaching, his calm and kind approach combined with his abundance of constructive feedback to guide his students to learn on ways they can improve, and his unyielding patience and support he has for his students when listening to their concerns and helping to alleviate their nerves. My experience with Aftab has undoubtedly solidified the remarkable reputation that he has established. 
 I contacted Aftab on a Monday and he was incredibly quick and responsive to my messages. Lo and behold, he was able to help me obtain my G2 in less than 2 weeks. On the day of the test, I was mentally exhausted and visibly shaking. Aftab did everything he could to lessen my worries; he provided me with words of comfort, listened to me and played my music to ease my nerves on the way there. He was with me every step of the way. 
 My family and colleagues were in disbelief when I told them the news of how quickly he helped me obtain this, but more importantly, how quickly he silenced my insecurities of driving, in order to help me succeed this stage. He was extremely understanding and accommodating around my work schedule, and did everything he could to help me prepare for my test in this unbelievably short period of time. 
 Simply put, Aftab is a man of magic. He can transform hopelessness into pure hope. If you’re doubtful of driving, or if you just require a driving instructor, I highly and wholeheartedly recommend everyone to reach out to Aftab to help you succeed in obtaining your license. 
 Thank you Aftab for everything so far, I look forward to continue learning from you!