I had a couple of driving instructors before Aftab and he was definitely the best one I've had. He's incredibly kind, patient, knowledgable about driving, meticulous with his teaching and a fast communicator. He will judge your skills accordingly and send you a list of things to improve on as well. It's incredibly useful as you practice on your own. The process from scheduling the test to the actual test was short and sweet thanks to his encouragement. Beforehand, I asked to reschedule my test to a later date due to not feeling ready, but he remarked that I was good enough and I could pass. I even asked for more lessons but he insisted that I was okay for just the few. I also had a moment of panic before the test and Aftab calmed me down and talked with me until I was okay. I followed his advice all the way through and managed to pass the G2 exit road test on my first try despite my many doubts and fears! It's obvious that he takes tremendous pride and care in what he does, as well as the success of his students, and it showed through my quality experience with his instructing. Please go to him if you need a good and friendly driving experience.