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Aftab is a true zen master. As a new comer to Canada with kids to drive around, I was desperate to get my driving license asap. Due to covid restrictions, the earliest drive test centre date i could get was may 2021. I checked with three driving schools in my neighbourhood and they gave me a generic answer that they couldn't do anything as far as the test was concerned. Then, Aftab was recommended to me and even though I live far away from Markham, I called Aftab and he went out of his way to find a drive test centre for me. I called Aftab on a Monday and by Friday I had my license. That is what you call as going ABOVE and BEYOND what is expected. Aftab understood i was desperate and instead of a plain vanilla excuse he said to leave it to him and he delivered. It took a few hours of lessons to prep me for the test and even though i went to learn about the test, I came back a better person. Sitting with Aftab is like being in the Mitch Albom story "Tuesday's with Morrie." I learn't about life in general, about hope and being a better father and a better husband. Not only will you teach you about driving rules, but also lessons about life. You will walk away inspired and with a good friend in Aftab. He is a God send. I highly recommend him.